Pumps and valves, and pressure...
Pumps and valves, and pressure boosting systems, and water pipes too are used for the transport of water. In case of open piping and sewers systems there are sluices and grills and filter systems are additionally used. The water transport includes very often also the drainage of the flood endangered areas, and the water transport to drier areas - or the water transport for industrial purposes. Pumps and pressure boosting systems provide for the requisite pressure, if pressure losses by the resistance of the bends and very narrow pipes, or even steep heights, must be resolved. Our valves and pumps are suitable for the following applications in the water transport:
- Untreated water transport
- Pressure boosting
- Water supply and distribution
- Irrigation and watering
- Flood control
- Polderpumpstations
- Dewatering.
Booster pump systems

Booster pump systems take a first priority in a safe and economic...


Following pumps are used for irrigation and watering of...

Water distribution

In addition to a system of water distribution - the following...