Process technology and engineering

For the applications in process technology we can offer you the following pumps:
- Close-coupled pumps
- Submersible pumps in discharge tube
- In-line pumps
- Volute casing pumps
- High pressure pumps
- Submersible pumps
- Sewage pumps
- Circulation pumps
- Annular casing pumps.
Food- and beverage industry

For further processing of agricultural products for human...

Hot water

For hot water we can offer you: - Submersible pumps in discharge...

Paper- and pulp industry

For the production and the processing of paper and pulp the...

Production of Biofuel and Palm oil

The following pumps are necessary for production of palm oil from...


For the production and the processing of steel the following...

Sugar industry

For processing of sugar-containing vegetable raw materials - the...

Surface technology

The property of surfaces can be changed with various...

Thermal oil applications

For the applications of thermal the following pumps can be used:...